Chestnut cream cake

chestnut cream cake recipe

Today, we present a recipe with the unavoidable chestnut cream from Ardèche. This chestnut cream cake is quick and easy to make, very tasty and ideal for the holidays. Difficulty: easy ! Prep: 20 mins Cook: 35 mins Ingredients for the chestnut cream cake 500g chestnut cream (Imbert, Sabaton or any other home-made or organic […]

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Nature-related activities 2021

animations nature 2021

​A week in Briange in July-August 2021 Here is the 2021 calendar, so that like every summer, our 2021 nature-related activities allow you to discover the landscapes and inhabitants of our beautiful Ardèche. Updated on 12 June 2021 We anticipate your disappointment, but we don’t offer music evenings or a children’s club/childcare centre here. Fortunately, […]

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​New shared spaces

espaces partagés

Sharing has been an essential value of the campsite since its inception. It is a magical place where exchanges are immediately easier with others. We want to be part of this story and offer you facilities that make sharing easier. Our ecological commitment also leads us to share certain services and to offer spaces for […]

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​A natural pond, a refuge for biodiversity

mare naturelle

A natural pond is home to a great deal of biodiversity. It is an exceptional refuge, all the more useful in our dry regions, where water is scarce. We had created a first one in 2016, unfortunately pierced by wild boars. Following our Refuge LPO label, we decided to enlarge it and put it back […]

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​Our future plans

projets futurs - future plans

Aware of the changes under-way and the growing awareness of citizens and governments around the world, we want to contribute at our level to the changes under-way. After several years of ecological practice, we want to take a big step, and the context lends itself to it! So here are our future plans. Towards the […]

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