Our 2020 nature-related activities

animations nature 2020 - 2020 nature-related activities

A week at the Domaine de Briange in July-August 2020 Despite the particular context of this year, we organize ourselves so that, like every summer, our 2020 nature-related activities allow you to discover the landscapes and the inhabitants of our beautiful Ardèche. We will update this page as we go along with information regarding the […]

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An adapted but still warm welcome

accueil au camping - warm welcome at the campsite

For a long time now, we limite the reception procedures to their strict minimum to give a maximum place to human exchange. As it seems, this is rather useful in the effort of limiting risks of contagion in case of an epidemic. Good for us. Welcome! Our priority will still be privileging your liberty, by […]

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Make your own homemade recycled paper

Our little daily pleasure in summer is the newspaper. Get some fresh morning air while cycling to by the paper in the village (Fred), flipping through it during a well deserved coffee break (Romain), read it in the quiet shade (M. St Denis) or doing the cross-words while preparing the evening service in the restaurant […]

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Make your own paper beads

perles de papier - paper beads

This idea of making paper beads came to me* because every year we throw away tons of brochures, flyers and other outdated publicity. Nonetheless, we already reduced theses junk wastes by presenting only one flyer per site, provider, producer… but that’s not enough. So, why not give a second life to these pages by turning […]

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Cleaning and hygiene at Briange

propreté des locations

First of all, we want to thank you who visit our camp site year upon year, for you respect our site and take care of leaving everything as clean as possible. So we only need to do the regular cleaning of the sanitary facilities and common area’s and of course the accommodations. So, THANK YOU, […]

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