Insects of the campsite. Pests, did you say?

insectes du camping

In nature, there are many insects, big and small. It is often the small ones that bother us the most. We usually kill them without much thought, often with chemicals that are quite harmful to the environment (and to our lungs). We therefore propose that you get to know the insects of the campsite better […]

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Compost at the campsite

Composting at the campsite

To limit our household waste, give a second life to organic waste and fertilize the earth, there is nothing like compost! We have 3 compost at the campsite, corresponding to 3 different uses, here they are in details. Compost at the campsite for kitchen waste What can be composted? Let’s start with what you can […]

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2 recipes for homemade lemonade

recettes de limonade maison

What could be better than a nice cold drink on a hot day? So we’re sharing 2 recipes for homemade lemonade with you. They are good, not too sweet and above all they are refreshing. Preparation for the 2 homemade lemonade recipes Before you start making lemonade, there is a little first step that will […]

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2022 nature-related activities

animations nature 2022

Here is the calendar of our 2022 nature-related activities which, like every summer, will allow you to discover the landscapes and inhabitants of our beautiful Ardèche. We started our adventure at Domaine de Briange in 1997, 25 years ago! To celebrate this anniversary, we have prepared a rich programme! To be experienced without moderation! The […]

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Dry toilets on the campsite

dry toilets at the campsite

Since 2019, we are gradually installing non-flush toilets on the campsite. First one in the restaurant, then two in the sanitary facilities. Today we have 22 of dry toilets spread between the common areas and the accommodation, and even 4 for the campers at their pitch. They have replaced the traditional toilets in our desire […]

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