Slow tourism in Ardèche

slow tourisme

For 25 years, we have been exploring a new path, that of sustainable tourism. In contrast to the traditional offer, we have developed a campsite where space and wilderness are omnipresent. Today, this unique slow tourism approach is taking on a new dimension. The campsite will be equipped with new facilities in 2023. Take the time to discover our global approach.

Our approach to slow tourism

Noticing that we were out of step with the rest of our profession, which was moving towards more entertainment, leisure facilities and accommodation, we expressed our differences from the beginning of the 2010s. Thus, we have developed this campsite little by little to encourage conviviality, logging off and discovery of the territory. We invite you to slow down and meet people, echoing the very origins of camping in the early 20th century. The link to nature and to others, a change of scenery, slowness… Finally, slow tourism was already there a hundred years ago, before being forgotten.

A good definition of slow tourism would be: “Slow-paced tourism, guaranteeing a renewal of the being, low carbon emissions, synonymous with patience, serenity, in-depth discoveries, improvement of knowledge and cultural achievements”. To sum up, here are the actions we have implemented over the years.

Take time, slow down, or do nothing

  • The Briange path, which invites you to wander and disconnect, and more particularly :
    • the giant hammock
    • the sleeping field
    • the astronomy area
  • The activities around well-being, in particular :
    • sophrology led by Françoise
    • yoga with Nancy
  • A ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Noémie
  • The calm and space of our campsite
  • The book box and our library to read quietly
  • A sundial where you are the pointer to see the time passing slowly
  • Taking care of the vegetation and our large oak trees so that you can sit under them

Living local and discovering differently

  • Our small market of local producers
  • Walks to discover our territory:
    • on the heritage side with Michel
    • on the nature side with Benjamin
    • or in autonomy with our topoguides
  • Astronomy evenings, led by Ophiucius club
  • The giant pinhole camera to look differently at what surrounds us
  • Our electric car available for hire

Connecting to nature

  • A nature observation platform, along the Briange path
  • The natural pond to see lots of little creatures
  • The signposting of the local flora and fauna, in partnership with Birdlife France
  • The playful walks led by Mésanges et libellules
  • The beautiful vegetation of our place, the birds and the singing cicadas

Building relationships

  • Our manual workshops (which are also a way of slowing down and discovering in a different way)
  • The Briange meal to share a good meal together
  • The camping area, with shared fridges and freezers
  • The playgrounds: petanque, beach volleyball, playground for children
  • Collective barbecues to get together by the fire
  • Our games library to play with the family
  • Shared gardens
  • The washing-up area in the toilets? Yes, yes, it’s always a place of exchange!

This approach is supported by ADEME (French agency for the environment and energy management), as part of the France Relance programme. We are one of the 73 projects selected from among the 521 applications submitted, a guarantee of our quality approach.

Overall, our path to the tourism of tomorrow

Today, facing mass tourism, micro-adventures are developing; some tourist guides are highlighting less frequented places. Other guides are beginning to indicate places to avoid in order to preserve their environment. In this perspective, we propose a tourism that takes a different path.

First awarded the Green Key label in 2011, we joined Refuges LPO (wildlife sanctuaries) in 2021 to further affirm our ecological commitment. Facing global warming and the loss of biodiversity, the challenge is to guarantee sustainable holidays for as many people as possible. Only the campsite offers this possibility through its light, shared and accessible facilities. It is also important to us to offer a local holiday destination, close to your home.

You can also come to us by bike. We are certified Accueil vélo which guarantees you a warm welcome and adapted services. We are located 15 km from the Via Rhona and 25 km from the nearest train station. Moreover, we offer a special rate if you come without a car. And you can always rent our electric car for your trips in the area.

For example, we have also renovated our older accommodation and installed many dry toilets. We invite you to read more about these two subjects in the dedicated articles.

For your next holiday, come and live in the wild!

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