Shared guests satisfaction

Shared guests satisfaction

During Summer, many of you have told us how satisfied they were, to stay at the Domaine de Briange. You appreciate the space and quietness of our campsite, (which always surprises you so much). You also appreciate our Ardèche-meals, the original development of our trail, our environmentally-friendly approach of nature, our welcoming, and many other things.

In return, we would like to thank you for your loyalty, for your compliance with our values of sharing and simplicity, for your friendliness, your positive comments …

Anyway, thank you for everything and see you next year!

Shared guests satisfactionThank you for appreciating our facilities…

Between seasons, we always try to bring some innovation: renovation of the pool, creation of the nature trail, launching of our “ shared hamlets”. And every year, we are very pleased to see that you take possession of these new developments and that you get the most out of them!

… and our cuisine!

This year a larger amount of our guests patronized our restaurant and our store, where we offer local products mostly from the Ardèche and often organic. We were delighted to see you enjoying our food!

Shared guests satisfactionThank you for participating!

Vacation usually means rest. It can also be a time for discoveries and encounters! Whether through animations, guided hikes or during the famous “Briange Meal ‘, we are happy to see an increasing participation from your side!

Agnès, Frédéric & the whole team!

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